The reason why tailor-made clothes are so expensive

Steven Hitchcock, who designed for Prince Charles, takes about 90 hours to cut and sew by hand.
There are different opinions on the question of what makes an item truly luxurious. Overall, everyone agrees that luxury products are hand-crafted, beautiful, and of high quality.

It is believed that the value of a garment lies in the fact that the item is a one-of-a-kind piece, made to the individual’s own specifications. For example, a tailored suit for a gentleman meets all of those criteria.

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Ready-to-wear suits are designed to fit as wide a range of consumers as possible, which means it’s rare that someone can wear them perfectly. In contrast, pre-orders are made to order, creating something special for a specific customer.

The master tailor will sketch and refine this shirt gradually after measuring the customer’s body measurements, and observing their posture and figure to detect flaws. From there, designers figure out how to best hide them.

When customers buy haute couture dresses, they bow to the designer’s aesthetic vision. However, once a suit is made to order, the customer is free to choose from a wide range of styles including cut, fabric, lining, details and construction. An experienced tailor will guide the customer to make careful choices, bringing out the best clothes for that customer.

According to SCMP, a top-quality bespoke suit of its famous kind made at Savile Row in London (UK) is artistically cut by hand and carefully adjusted in the process of up to five accessories, ensuring Tell it to flatter your client’s figure and posture – whether they’re tall or hunched, slim or muscular.

These suits are usually made of fabric that costs as little as $130/m, with materials that are superior to the fabric available. Tailor-made suits can take up to 90 hours to make, and every process is done by hand.

This helps explain why the prices of the best custom clothes can range between $19,000-65,000.

The cost is high but the reality presents excellent value. Unlike a factory-made ready-to-wear suit that has a short lifespan, a custom-made garment is of sufficient quality that it can be passed on from generation to generation.

Leading British tailor – Steven Hitchcock – who sewed Prince Charles’s clothes said: “Some people say that custom orders are expensive, but the clothes will last more than 20 years. Divide the cost by 20 years and you’ve basically got a bargain.”