7 fashion styles 2022

Bucket hats, large necklaces, and cocktail rings

According to Sarah Schubkraft Brandt, founder of Shop the City, fashion trends of the 1990s and early 2000s are gradually returning and making their own mark.

In recent years, bucket hats have become more familiar to young people. To attract users, many brands have launched hats with diverse colors and modern motifs.

Meanwhile, jewelry designer Fie Isolde said that the large chain necklaces that “made rain and wind” in 2021 will continue to be an accessory trend 2022.

Besides, cocktail rings (large rings commonly used in the 1940s and 1950s) are of great interest to many people.


Since the 19th century, the corset has become a familiar accessory of the elite in Europe. This is a type of shirt worn to shape the body into the hourglass figure that women often desire. However, this shirt brings a feeling of restraint and “squeezing”.

Vintage Purple Corset Cottage Fashion Top
Vintage Purple Corset Cottage Fashion Top

Towards the end of the twentieth century, the fashion industry once again revived this design with improved versions that became more attractive and “breathable”. Especially, since the movie “Bridgerton” (2021) was shown, the trend of wearing corsets like the actors in the movie has become a “craze”. A month after the film’s release, global fashion search platform Lyst recorded a 123% increase in searches for the accessory.

The year 2022 is a time when emancipation and self-assertion seem to be the conventions and challenges in the fashion and beauty industry. Corsets seem to have become the item that meets all expectations in terms of creativity and imagination. Everyone can comfortably wear a corset without distinction of size, age, or social class. It’s a way to increase self-confidence and be somewhat rebellious.


Y2K is the term for the fashion style of the 2000s. The 2000s were shaped by rebellious counter-fashion principles. For example, low-rise pants that reveal your panties, contrasting color schemes, confusingly complicated layering styles, extremely bold cutouts (risqué), or Unique t-shirt designs…

Y2K fashion-style designs are influenced by changes in technology, towards sexy, modern, and symbolizing the development of the times. The clothing models also leave an impression with unique textures and materials but are quite picky about the wearer.

In 2020, the Y2K trend returns strongly and directly affects Gen Z’s daily clothes (the generation born from the late twentieth century to the early twenty-first century). Y2K style is aimed at people with strong personalities. The coverage of this trend shows GenZ’s distinct fashion mindset.

In 2021, Y2K style covers the streets.

Entering 2022, young people still show their passion for classic, yet bold designs.


The catwalks of recent years have marked the return of knitwear – a style that exploded in popularity in the 1970s. Natural fibers that are knitted, hand-crocheted, or machine weaved are ubiquitous on the runways. costume model.

Knitted tops feature materials suitable for spring or fall climates. Besides, the unique colors of the knitted patterns help the wearer look more youthful.

In addition, many fashion brands from popular to high-end are actively promoting knitwear with diverse designs and reasonable prices. This makes it easy for people to own clothes made from the above material, keeping up with the trend.

Fashion magazine Vogue said that knitwear models dyed with special techniques, colors, and textures inspired by cosmic images will become a trend in spring.

In particular, to make knitted shirts with strange colors, brands apply a single yarn dyeing technique with two or more repeating colors.

The color block still does not “cool down”

In fashion, Color Block is a trend to combine outfits with eye-catching color blocks. Color Block can combine a variety of styles to create contrast or similarity.

The Color Block trend has been in vogue since the 60s of the last century with clearly divided colors and arranged according to creative inspiration, not bound by principles.

Color block often appears every time the Spring/Summer fashion season returns. However, the Color Block color scheme of the Spring Summer 2022 fashion trend is somewhat different from previous years, with the colors being combined together somewhat more spontaneously, not according to the color wheel rule.

Oversize and cardigans

Gone is the heyday of tight skinny jeans, now girls are actively promoting the comfortable and versatile wide-leg pants. With loose or flared pants depending on their preferences, they can freely transform with many different styles.

The chunky knitted cardigan has a 70s blend of multicolours

According to fashionista Maria Juvakka, with their high applicability, wide-leg pants will continue to be popular in 2022.

In addition to loose pants, a cardigan continues to become an indispensable item in everyone’s wardrobe. Born in the mid-19th century, the cardigan is associated with the nickname “his sweater” by the image. The image is familiar, old, somewhat outdated. Up to now, along with innovation, constantly combining many creative ideas, a cardigan has become a trendy shirt model, creating a unique fashion mark for the wearer, becoming a favorite item of both men and women.

The cardigan is suitable for wearing in the cool weather of autumn, the owner of these items also does not have a “headache” to coordinate this outfit with other items. When combined with a vest, it creates a bright and aristocratic set. When combined with other styles, the cardigan will be the highlight that shows elegance, lightness, but is no less youthful and dynamic.

Neutral style – unisex

Neutral (or genderless) fashion is a controversial topic, as the line between the concept of “traditional male and female” is gradually being blurred.

Unisex style is the new era of the fashion industry as it allows people to live in harmony with their authentic personalities. With a unisex style, people won’t judge who you really are according to your gender identity. Therefore, the most appropriate interpretation of unisex style would be a harmonious combination of masculine and feminine features in fashion. Givenchy once paired chic lace shorts with a vest. Saint Laurent stretched his tuxedo jacket into a dress. Victoria Beckham used to wear a perfectly tailored men’s suit for women.

2022 could be the year of the fashion-neutral, combining the signatures of two styles in one outfit. Girls can combine loose blazers with feminine items like voluminous skirts to create a look that’s both strong but doesn’t lose its softness.

In contrast, wearing pink shirts combined with casual pants does not lose the masculinity of men, but also enhances the youthful and liberal features.