Minimalism fashion trend – Minimalism style for women never goes out of fashion

If in 2021 the vintage fashion trend is on the throne, in 2022, the Minimalism style will officially take over. It can be said that this is a timeless fashion trend that never goes out of fashion. Especially, when the Covid-19 pandemic raged and the whole world was fighting against it. The minimalist style will help people clear the messes in their minds and find peace in life.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism, also known as minimalism, is a design style that flourished in the US in the 60s and 70s. From a design perspective, minimalism means minimizing costs. In addition, every detail in the design from shapes, color palettes, to typography is only used if necessary.

This makes minimalist more and more applied in many areas of design, from logo design, media publications, and printing to product packaging, etc. It seems that these designs always win the best. certain preference from viewers.

In recent years, minimalism has taken the throne and become a new trend not only in design but also in modern life. Simply put, minimalism holds that simple, detailed designs are easier to attract and impress.

The characteristic of Minimalism fashion style is minimalism but sophistication

In 2020, due to the impact of the pandemic, the world economy faced many difficulties. People’s lives also become more difficult, income is seriously affected. Although a vaccine has been found, it will take a very long time to vaccinate the entire population of the world.

According to economists’ predictions, once the pandemic is under control, the trade will surely explode. Until then, taking care of family life will be the goal we are all aiming for. Among them, family spending cuts are the most obvious. And one of those cuts is fashion.

Minimalism is not just a trend but a way of life

Therefore, in 2021, the minimalist fashion trend Minimalism will be the choice of many people. Because in addition to convenience, it also helps save a small amount of money.

A product following the trend of Minimalism needs to converge 2 factors including simplicity and convenience. This means that an item must work with many fashion styles, as well as with many dress codes. Of course, it also needs to highlight the wearer’s personal style. In addition, this style will also help you save costs and minimize shopping.

In addition, the Minimalism style also needs to combine with unisex elements. This will be more favorable for both the designer and the wearer. For designers, simple unisex clothing will limit the number of finished products that need to be produced in each fashion season. For the wearer, they can easily choose suitable clothes for men and women, especially when choosing a couple.

Minimalism is not only a fashion style but also a lifestyle and way of thinking behind it. Minimalist living means that you should remove the complicated things from your mind so that life becomes lighter and more enjoyable.

Minimalism fashion colors, shapes, and materials trending in 2021

  • Color: Minimalism fashion is expressed through the selection of elegant and bright colors. This is also the color of hope. If normally, the minimalist style is often associated with black, gray, white, beige, this year also has the appearance of pastel colors such as pink, yellow, blue…
  • Shape: Minimalism fashion is shown through compact, no-frills sets. Some fashion items that you can choose from are tops, shirt dresses, wide-leg palazzo pants, culottes, midi skirts…
  • Materials: Minimalism fashion also focuses on high-quality, durable, and versatile products. Therefore, fashion materials need to be made from natural fibers or environmentally friendly recycled fabrics.