Office fashion style and items should not to be missed


To have a modern style when wearing office fashion, we need to pay attention to the “hot trend” items of the month. For example, the trend of 2021 is minimalism style. To stand out more, we can choose clothes with neutral colors and simple designs to combine with elegance and not cause loss of “feelings” in the office.

The color of the outfit is equally important, currently, the most popular color palette is pastel pink, light purple, mint green, and lava red. Mix these colors with other neutrals for a modern outfit.


Elegance is a criterion that office girls care a lot about. To attract the eyes of others, we do not have to “show off” all the current labels or logos we are wearing. Instead, be a little subtle with discreet, background outfits that will make them unable to take their eyes off you.

To create a luxurious feeling, the accompanying clothes must first be ironed flat and fragrant. Surely who likes a sloppy appearance but wants to be luxurious, right? In particular, we can combine some accessories such as watches or earrings to make our outfit look even more luxurious.


No matter how beautiful and trendy an outfit is, if the wearer does not feel comfortable, the wearer’s charisma and the suit will clearly decrease. So comfort is also an important factor to consider when choosing clothes. The more clothes that match the wearer’s preferences and style, the more appreciated.

At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the shape of the clothes. Especially the size of the suit. We need to choose clothes that are the right size for our body proportions to best enhance our figure and at the same time create a sense of fit when wearing so that it is not too bulky or too constricting that we no longer feel comfortable. comfortable with her outfit.

Suggest 6 indispensable items in office fashion

A pencil skirt helps to enhance the figure, elegant, more modern

Pencil skirt English name is “pencil skirt” or “hopple skirt” is an extremely popular office skirt not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Pencil skirt gives a neat, feminine and elegant effect to any girl who wears it.

Pastel pencil skirt with a cardigan (Source: Internet)

A-line skirt respects comfort and confidence

A-line skirts, listening to the name of the dress, surely you can imagine what their shape is like, right? The skirt is shaped like the letter A: the top will hug the waist and gradually spread to the bottom. This design helps the wearer show off the ideal waistline.

Blazer brings elegance but not rigidity

Blazers were a popular style in the mid-20th century. They were created as jackets for rowers in competitions. For the purpose of keeping warm and distinguishing sailing teams from each other in the Oxford and Cambridge areas. The name Blazer comes from the Blazing Redshirt, worn in 1952 by the Cambridge Lady Margaret Club.

Modern office dress, convenient and easy to coordinate

Light blue dress design

Office dress is the optimal choice for women when going to work or meeting customers, partners, or attending company parties. The first is because of the beauty and elegance that a seamless dress brings. Second, this is an easy choice because it doesn’t take too long to choose different combinations.

Because of high user demand. Office dresses are very diverse. We can choose office dresses with knee-length or ankle-length, in which knee-length is the most chosen. Dress with V-neck, round, square, or off-shoulder. The dress has a variety of colors from quiet (brown, white, beige, black) to outstanding (yellow, blue, pink, red).

The shirt is always an “invincible warrior” that cannot be ignored

The name of the shirt is derived from the French word chemisier (women’s shirt). A shirt is a shirt that covers the upper body and arms. The shirt has a row of buttons in the front that help connect the shirt together. Shirts are often worn on formal occasions thanks to their polite form, so they are always the first choice of every girl.

Watches are indispensable accessories

Watches are an indispensable accessory for a female employee. The first is its use to help us manage time more effectively. The second is to contribute to making the outfit more elaborate and luxurious. In addition, wearing a well-fitting watch also helps us feel more confident.